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WordSearch Japanese Study FREE


◇◆We are waiting for your idea of themes! That can be used!!◆◇◇◆The new stages is to be shown up from now on!◆◇Find the word which is hidden in the lined up characters.You will be addicted to the feeling when you find the hidden word!FREE puzzle app which both children and adults can enjoy!!We recommend this app for those who studying Japanese.You can learn Japanese with fun playing games!Challenge and see how much you can do!!◇◆Rules◆◇1.Look at the themes.2.Seek the words in accordance with themes.3.Trace the word you found.4.Correct when it glows! Seek next word!5.You complete the stages when you find all words!You can move to next stage!◇◆Hints◆◇1.You can't read diagonally.2.There is case when you use the character you've already use...3.You can't answer 1 character.◇◆Notification◆◇・It isn't recognized correctly when the character you chose isn't glow. In the case of it, trace again.・The save data will be deleted completly when you uninstall the app. You can't restore to its original state.・Some permission will be demanded in installation, we don't use any data except for advertising.(We don't collect and use person's information.)----------BGM composer : 極端P This app appeared in 「アプリゲット」(App get) became an app authorized by androider. app appeared on "AndRock" developer of this app is authorized by androider that proves we are trustworthy developer.